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Preventive Dentistry in Fremont, CA

Preventive Dentistry in Fremont, CA

If you want to maintain your dental health in the long run, preventive dental care is a must. It includes treatments, instructions, and the practice of keeping and maintaining an oral hygiene routine. Under preventive dentistry, different procedures are aimed at preventing enamel wear, cavities, and gum diseases.

Different kinds of preventive dental procedures are performed by our dentists. Given below are the most popular of all. 

Oral Hygiene and Cleaning

Various types of oral hygiene and cleaning procedures such as plaque removal, elimination of calculus, and teeth polishing are performed by our dentists.

Plaque removal involves removing plaque, a dull or pale film formed as a result of a combination of food remains, saliva, and bacteria. Elimination of calculus or tartar is also done to ensure the cleanliness of your teeth. Tartar is a calcified plaque that builds on the surface of your tooth. Both these procedures are done using specialized dental tools, such as an ultrasonic scaling appliance. 

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is an invasive dental condition that occurs because of the excessive use of tobacco and cigarettes. When diagnosed at an early stage, the disease can be treated accordingly, which also increases the chances of curing the same. We carry out different kinds of oral cancer screenings like intraoral camera screening, VELscope, and CDx. 

Dental Sealant Placement

A dental sealant refers to a thin layer of acrylic applicant placed on the grooves of your teeth. The role of this sealant is to protect your teeth from the accumulation of bacteria and food debris that cause cavities. A proper application of these sealants protects your teeth from unwanted decay. 

Our dentists remove stains from your teeth and clean them using air abrasion. After this, the surface of the teeth is abraded to ensure that the sealant bonds well with your mouth. This sealant is applied to the grooves of your molars and premolars. It is then hardened to fuse it properly into your teeth for maximum protection. 

Fluoride Treatment

This procedure helps to fortify your teeth using remineralization, and the minerals fuse into all the decaying areas of your tooth enamel. Fluoride treatment further helps to prevent the production of acids by bacteria to keep tooth decay at bay. It is an affordable treatment option using which you can maintain oral health in the future. Fluoride treatment doesn’t require multiple visits, making it convenient for the patient. 

Home Care Education

Preventive dentistry also includes home care education to teach you about different measures that you can take to ensure your dental health and oral hygiene is well-maintained. Our dentists inform you about these measures during consultations.


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