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Implant Restorations in Fremont, CA

Implant Restorations in Fremont, CA

Nowadays, there is a wide range of implant restorations options available. Among them, dental implants are the best options to replace your missing teeth. They offer excellent stability for enhanced oral function and easy care that will not impact your other teeth. Dental implants will look natural, boosting your appearance at the same time. 

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant comes in three parts: the titanium implant itself, the abutment, and the restoration, such as the dental crown. The dental implant is surgically drilled into the jawbone to serve as a natural tooth root. The abutment is secured to the implant restoration to support the attachment of the dental crown. Dental implants are widely preferred because they offer similar advantages to a natural tooth.

Types of Dental Implant Restorations

There are three different types of implant restoration options available:

  • Single Implant Restoration

Single implant restoration can replace a single missing tooth. An implant can be positioned in the empty space of the socket without the need for additional support from the adjacent teeth. When the dental implant process is accomplished, it will serve as a natural tooth both aesthetically and functionally. Tooth restoration is necessary for good oral health, as a healthy mouth should have all of its teeth to maintain the integrity of the jawbone. 

  • Dental Implant Bridge

When a couple of teeth are missing in a row, a dental implant bridge is an implant restoration option one can select. This permanent alternative is also known as an implant-supported bridge, as the implants hold the dental bridge securely in position. In this system, there will be two implants fixed in the empty outer slot. Once they have healed, a bridge is secured over the implants, consisting of a customized prosthetic tooth in the center.

  • Complete or Partial Implant Dentures

Adults who have multiple missing teeth or severely decayed teeth can have implant-supported dentures. A complete implant denture consists of anywhere between four and eight implants that are fixed in the mouth, and they serve to hold the dentures firmly in their place. The implants help give the dentures the necessary suction force to stay rooted in place. Most denture patients will feel more relaxed while carrying out the normal functioning of the mouth, such as talking and eating, without experiencing any problems. 


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