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Digital Panorex Radiographs in Fremont, CA

Digital Panorex Radiographs in Fremont, CA

A digital panoramic radiograph or panoramic X-rays offer a complete wrap-around view of the face and teeth, including teeth, jaw joints, and sinus areas. It encloses a broader scope from ear to ear and provides a two-dimensional view of the upper and lower jaw.

Panorex radiograph reveals hidden structures like wisdom teeth and fractures and exposes initial signs of cavities and jaw bone loss. Moreover, it also helps our dentists differentiate a sinus problem when it is suspected to have caused dental problems. Our dentists widely use the panoramic x-ray examination results for braces, dentures, extractions, and dental implants.

To provide the best possible oral care to our patients, our dentists at Louie Family Dentistry use several state-of-the-art devices, including panoramic X-rays. Our oral health professionals use panoramic X-rays to:

  • Spot fractures in the jawbone
  • Diagnose gum disease, cavities, and other dental problems
  • Reveal any abnormalities and cysts in the jawbone
  • Detect abscesses, jaw tumors, and oral cancer
  • Evaluate patients with acute gag reflex
  • Expose affected teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • Plan treatment for braces, dentures, and implants
  • Diagnose jaw disorders, often known as TMJ disorders
  • Evaluate the extent of dental trauma
  • Expose sinusitis

Benefits of Digital Panoramic X-rays

  • There are no residues of radiation remnants in the patient’s body.
  • It has no adverse effects on oral health.
  • It can be used successfully for young kids also.
  • It offers better accuracy with improved image quality. Dentists can interpret digital panoramic images more efficiently than analog film radiographs.
  • Digital x-rays allow archiving a patient’s digital file, and our dentists can review patient history instantly at any given time.
  • Digital panoramic x-rays can capture multiple images at once and display them instantly, thus significantly reducing the time spent by our patients in the chair.

How Does the Procedure Work?

The panoramic X-ray machine makes dental imaging procedures fast and comfortable, and the whole process usually lasts between 10-20 seconds. During an x-ray examination, our dentists rotate the x-ray tube in a semi-circle around the patient’s head. The high-definition x-ray images are stored electronically in the form of digital files. Our dentists use these X-ray images to diagnose and treat oral issues.


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