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Intraoral Camera in Fremont, CA

Intraoral Camera in Fremont, CA

An intraoral camera is one of the several dental innovations that many dentists are utilizing in diagnosing and assessing oral problems. This device lets them have an intraoral close-up analysis of the tissues inside your mouth. It also comes with a built-in light allowing you and the dentist to see the external structure of your teeth, buccal cavity, and gums.

The camera includes illumination that helps them take videos and capture images of the condition of the teeth.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Camera?

This breakthrough invention comes with many benefits:

  • An intraoral camera helps the dentist to carry out a convenient diagnosis of your dental problem. They can detect the complications easily without letting you keep your mouth open for long.
  • An intraoral camera is less invasive and helps detect dental and oral health issues right from the beginning. The preventive diagnosis and care save you from significant damage to your teeth.
  • The use of an intraoral camera helps the dentist to describe your dental problem in a better way. You can consider the condition of your teeth over and above all its diagnostic benefits.
  • An intraoral camera has excellent technological features such as powerful magnifying capability, LED lighting, and rotation from 0 to 90 degrees. These features help the dentist to examine your mouth in detail.

What are the Uses of Intraoral Camera?

  • Oral Cancer Screening

An intraoral camera is used to screen patients who are at high risk of oral cancer. This camera can detect tumors or lesions indicative of oral cancers. All the photos taken during such screening are sent to an oncologist for better assessment and diagnosis.

  • Patient Information

Many dentists and dental hygienists use an intraoral camera to educate their patients about their oral health. Using this camera, the patient can see the condition of their teeth that further helps the dentist discuss the concern in a much better way.

How is an Intraoral Camera Used?

Firstly, the camera is disinfected, which is followed by placing a clear film around its head before placing it into your mouth. During an examination, the dentist takes photos using a button present on the camera’s wand. These pictures are sent to the monitor.

The camera then displays the images that are otherwise not visible on the X-rays, like the cracks of your teeth and other surface imperfections. Sometimes, the dentist combines the information from the X-rays with the information obtained from the intraoral camera to get an overall understanding of your dental concern.


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