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Periolase/Lanap in Fremont, CA

Periolase/Lanap in Fremont, CA

Getting diagnosed with advanced periodontitis or gum disease can be problematic for all as it may lead to many unpleasant symptoms and may as well disrupt your dental wellness on the whole. Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is the early stage of gum disease, which is mostly caused by adhered tartar deposits near the gumline. But when such disease reaches its advanced stage (advanced periodontitis), the condition of the gums worsens.

In this case, you can choose between two options – treatment using the traditional approach or laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP). These days, LANAP is gaining immense popularity.

How are Gum Diseases Treated Conventionally? 

The traditional treatment for advanced gum disease includes surgery. It is an invasive procedure where the periodontist uses a scalpel to cut and flap back the diseased gums. The bone underneath the gum is also scraped to remove the infection. After this, they refill the exposed areas with some bone material to save your mouth from bone loss. Lastly, they stitch the arrangement to connect the gums back to your teeth.

The traditional treatment method of gum disease can be extremely painful, which is why LANAP is considered a better alternative.

What is LANAP? 

Under laser-assisted new attachment procedure or LANAP, the periodontist uses laser technology to target and remove the affected gum tissues. This procedure doesn’t include the use of a scalpel or stitches. It is a less invasive procedure that assures a faster recovery.

How is LANAP performed? 

  • The periodontist will probe into your gums to check the severity of the gum disease and determine the level of treatment necessary.
  • We will now use a laser to explore the infection-causing bacteria in the gums.
  • Some other instruments, such as ultrasonic scalers, may also be used to clean the disease-causing tartar and other microbial deposits from the mouth.
  • The periodontist will again use the laser to connect your gum tissues back to their roots.
  • Lastly, your teeth will be treated to prevent the formation of new tartar deposits or occlusal adjustment.

How long does this treatment take? 

A laser-assisted new attachment procedure is a quick and less-invasive treatment option that doesn’t require a lot of time to complete. It takes roughly an hour, depending upon the severity of your gum disease. You can have the procedure completed in just one or two visits to our dental practice.

What is the Recovery Time of LANAP? 

The recovery time after the procedure is pretty quick. During the traditional treatment, it may take 2-4 weeks to recover, but the recovery time after LANAP cuts down to 24 hours.


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