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Dental Impressions in Fremont, CA

Dental Impressions in Fremont, CA

Digital dental impressions or 3-D intraoral scanning capture scanned images of teeth and gingival tissue to create a replica of the patient's mouth. With the help of a wand-like tool and advanced software, our dentist makes a 3D digital model that can be used for CAD/CAM dentistry. 

Digital dental impressions are captured using safe and non-invasive imaging technologies, reducing procedure time, simplifying the impression process, and increasing accuracy. These digital impressions are ready for use for a range of restorative and orthodontic indications. The results of the scan are sent instantly to a dental lab, where crowns, dentures, bridges, and retainers can be fabricated accurately.

Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

Significant benefits of digital dental impressions are:

  • It improves impression quality for better-fitting dental restorations.
  • Dental impressions eliminate the use of distasteful impression materials and patient discomfort. It offers a more comfortable experience for patients as well as dental staff.
  • It reduces clinical errors, resulting in fewer remakes. The dentist can magnify and evaluate the digital scan and correct any mistakes while still in the chair.
  • It increases patient engagement as they can see their impressions on-screen and appreciate the advanced technology and revolutionary dental care.
  • Dental impressions reduce the time it takes to complete the scan of the teeth, and these scans are sent directly to a dental lab or a chairside CAD/CAM system. Moreover, it enables same-day dental restorations and reduces the need for multiple visits.
  • The dental impressions can be stored electronically indefinitely, contributing to efficient record-keeping.
  • It eliminates the need for impression materials and plastic trays, promoting eco-friendly aspects and green dentistry.

Digital Dental Impression Procedure

At Louie Family Dentistry, our dentist captures a tooth/teeth image using a digital impression system. First, we anesthetize the area to be treated and make it free of saliva, tartar, and food residues. The teeth are then gently dusted with formulated titanium dioxide powder.

Next, our dentist inserts an intraoral wand into the patient's mouth and moves it over the tooth's surface area to capture a 3D image of the same. The captured images are displayed on the chairside monitor and provide our team with highly accurate impressions.

Our dentist reviews the electronic impressions by enlarging and manipulating them for more details. These digital dental impressions are less invasive than traditional impressions and molds. The digital image is then sent electronically to the dental laboratory for use in restoration fabrication. We successfully use this digital impression system for all types of dental restorations, including crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, and veneers.


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