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Our Dental Technology in Fremont, CA

Our Dental Technology in Fremont, CA

An ideal dental practice would be a combination of excellent service, well-trained staff, and state-of-the-art technology. At Louie Family Dentistry, we strive hard to make sure we provide all the above to our patients so that their visit is pleasant, fruitful and helps them get the smile they’ve always wanted.

We give a lot of importance to dental technology used in our practice, as it makes the treatment procedures more convenient for our patients. The advancements in dental technology have made several conventional procedures simpler, less time-consuming, and virtually painless. Here are some of the prominent equipment we use to make sure our patients benefit from advanced dental technology.

Digital Dental Impressions

The conventional means of retrieving dental impressions of a patient’s tooth involved biting into a gooey substance. This can be quite uncomfortable, make the patient gag, and the contour of the impression would be less precise. But, we use digital impressions to get rid of all these drawbacks. The wand-like digital scanner will be used by the dentist to capture high-definition images and scans of the teeth, which is used to create a digital impression of them.

Digital Panorex Radiographs

Panorex Radiograph is a state-of-the-art digital imaging system that can be used for various purposes. We use it to assess orthodontic concerns, diagnose impacted teeth, screen for periodontitis and other oral infections, and evaluate TMJ disorder. Some of the other uses are detecting oral cancer, planning dental implantation, screening for cavities, etc.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have been used in dentistry for a long time now. Thanks to the advanced x-ray equipment in recent times, the radiation produced by our equipment is almost negligible. This makes it safe for use on human tissues. We use x-rays to diagnose jawbone deterioration, tooth decay, jawbone growth abnormalities, cysts, and abscesses, failed restorations, malocclusion, damaged teeth or jawbone, etc.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera allows the dentist to get a better view of the oral tissues, such as the posterior teeth, larynx, pharynx, etc. We also use them to check for damaged teeth, cavities, gum disease, and signs of oral cancer. The device allows us to look at the oral tissues in multiple angles, thus enabling precise diagnosis.


LANAP or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure is predominantly used in treating gum disease, such as periodontitis. The device targets only the infected tissues and leaves the adjoining healthy ones unharmed. Further, the healing period with LANAP is significantly lesser, and so is the pain or bleeding during the treatment.


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