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Lumineers® in Fremont, CA

Lumineers® in Fremont, CA

Are chipped and discolored teeth forcing you to hide your smile? Have gaps between your teeth made you too self-conscious? Lumineers are the perfect solution to solve your cosmetic issues. Lumineers are branded veneers that cost less, last longer, and lighten up your smile.

Our dentists, Dr. Christopher L. Louie, DDS, and Dr. Victoria Louie at Louie Family Dentistry, have teamed up with Lumineers to give your smile a fresher dimension.

Lumineers: What Are They?

Lumineers are a famous brand of veneers that mimic the natural appearance of your tooth enamel. They help resolve dental deformities like gaps between teeth, cracks, and discoloration to change your appearance drastically.

Typically, getting Lumineers may take two trips to the dentist. 

  • On your first visit to Louie Family Dentistry, our dentists will scan your teeth to ensure you are a good fit for the procedure. Then, our hygienist will give you a thorough cleaning before our dentists thoroughly examine or take an impression of your teeth.
  • Next, they send the same to the laboratory, which delivers your custom set of Lumineers within a few days. On your next appointment, our dentists take off a small portion of your enamel, use a bonding agent, and apply the Lumineers onto the front surface of your teeth.

The result is usually a brighter, new smile that is cleaner and several tones brighter from your previous one.

Is Lumineers Permanent?

Unlike veneers, Lumineers are semi-permanent, which means you can remove them and replace them with minor damage to your teeth.

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

On average, Lumineers are known to last around seven years. However, with the best oral care routine, instances of Lumineers lasting 10 to 20 years aren’t uncommon.

What Are the Benefits of Lumineers?

Let’s take a look at a few critical benefits of Lumineers:

  • They Are Considerably Cheap: Lumineers are cost-effective compared to veneers.
  • They Prevent Tooth Decay: Getting lumineers on cracked or chipped teeth can prevent the onset of tooth decay.
  • They Fix Gaps Between Teeth: Gaps between teeth can be a major confidence killer for people. Lumineers help cover the gap and improve your confidence.


For more information on Lumineers and to book a consultation with Louie Family Dentistry, call us at (510) 656-7778, request an online appointment, or visit our office at 41268 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538 for a consultation now.

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