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iTero Scanner in Fremont, CA

iTero Scanner in Fremont, CA

iTero launched its first-ever intraoral scanner in 2007, and this revolutionary dental equipment has been in buzz ever since. The iTero scanner allows dentists and orthodontists to work more efficiently by using enhanced digital screening. The popularity of this device is increasing among all, and for all the right reasons. Here's everything you need to know about iTero Scanner. 

What is an iTero Scanner? 

iTero intraoral scanner helps scan the patients' mouth and captures images further to create 3D dental scans within a few minutes. This device is easy to use and provides efficient results. The scans produced by the device are highly detailed, better than the traditional two-dimensional images. 

These scans help our professionals create the exact physical models for restorative dental works such as veneers, crowns, and dental implants. iTero scanners are also used by our dentists to scan various orthodontic problems in patients.

How does an iTero Scanner Work? 

This device comes with a wand that our dentists move around the patient's mouth. It has a camera at its tip, which captures multiple frames per second that are further pieced together to design a 3D visualization of their mouth. The wand on the scanner allows them to scan molars in the back of the patients' mouths that were earlier hard to reach. This scanner is less likely to make the patients gag, thereby ensuring that they remain comfortable throughout the procedure. 

The equipment also comes with a screen that displays the dental images after they are captured in real-time. The screen then shows if the scan is as expected. This feature is a huge time saver and provides immediate feedback on dental concerns. 

What are the Benefits of an iTero Scanner? 

  • The process of scanning the teeth using this device is quick and hassle-free. 
  • The patients can sit comfortably on their chairs throughout the procedure. The wand doesn't gag into their mouth. Patients do not have to put a gooey substance in their mouth anymore to make an impression of their teeth. 
  • This scanner lets both the dentist as well as patient see their oral images directly on the screen. 
  • The scanned images give an unlimited number of views of the teeth in 3D technology. 
  • The precision of the images obtained out of scanning them on this device is incredible. Even the most minute details can be captured in high resolution. This breakthrough invention has been helping dentists and orthodontists throughout the world in designing the best treatment plan for their patients. 
  • The images obtained from this device also serve well to fabricate several orthodontic appliances like Invisalign and braces. 


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