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How Often Do I Need a New Toothbrush?

How Often Do I Need a New Toothbrush?

Posted by Christopher Louie DDS on Jan 19 2022, 07:43 AM

How Often Do I Need a New Toothbrush?

Most of us understand that our toothbrushes aren't meant to last forever. However, choosing when to replace the toothbrush might be difficult at times. Replace your toothbrush every 12 to 16 weeks, or according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you do not replace your toothbrush regularly, it might impair your dental health and transmit disease.

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Choosing the Best Toothbrush

Did you know there are two kinds of toothbrushes? Both a manual and an electric toothbrush are available. A manual toothbrush is a well-liked choice. It's simple to use, and you have complete control over how much pressure it applies to your gums and teeth.

In contrast, an electric toothbrush must be charged. Cleaning between your teeth and along your gum line is made easier by the bristle's spinning movement. Choose whatever is most convenient for you and makes you want to brush your teeth twice a day.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Toothbrush?

Every three to four months, replace your toothbrush. Consider replacing your toothbrush sooner if you've been unwell, especially if it's stored near other toothbrushes.

If you're not sure, look at the bristles. If they are worn, they will not clean your teeth well.

When Should an Electric Toothbrush Head Be Replaced?

Electric toothbrush heads also include nylon bristles that wear out over time. Replace the toothbrush head on your electric toothbrush at least once every 12 weeks, if not more frequently. Look for evidence of wear and tear on the bristles to see whether you need to replace the brush head.

How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

To get the most out of your toothbrush, treat it the same way you would any other piece of personal grooming or hygiene equipment. Do not share. Even members of your immediate family should not share your toothbrush. 

Sanitize your toothbrush by rinsing it after use. Sanitization does not necessitate the use of a disinfectant, mouthwash, or hot water. Using this method to "sanitize" a toothbrush may result in the spread of germs. 

To keep your toothbrush clean when not in use, you don't even need a special lockable container. Some of these containers may encourage the growth of mold or the transmission of bacteria.

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