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Digital Panorex Radiographs

Digital Panorex Radiographs

Posted by Christopher Louie DDS on Jul 14 2021, 04:46 AM

Digital Panorex Radiographs

Getting a dental X-ray is never quite comfortable, is it? At Louie Family Dentistry in Fremont, California, we use digital Panorex radiographs, a simple and effective way to get precise and complete images of your teeth without sacrificing your comfort. 

What Are Digital Panorex Radiographs?

Panoramic X-rays provide an ear-to-ear two-dimensional image of your entire tooth structure. They don’t provide a detailed view of each tooth, but capture the entire upper and lower jaw, as well as the adjacent structures and tissues in a single image. 

Panorex radiographs are a state-of-the-art solution. Dr. Louie recommends them when we need an expanded view of the mandibular bones and nasal and sinus areas to diagnose and treat dental conditions.

What Are Digital Panorex Radiographs Used For?

Panorex radiographs are an integral diagnostic tool and provide wide-range images compared to traditional intraoral X-rays. They provide detailed information about bone irregularities and tooth positioning. 

At Louie Family Dentistry, we use Panorex radiographs for:

  • Taking dental X-rays for patients with gag reflex
  • Diagnosing advanced periodontal disease
  • Examining cavities and decay not visible to the naked eye
  • Assessing impacted teeth 
  • Orthodontic treatment such as dentures, implants, braces, etc.
  • Jawbone fractures
  • Assessing the progression of temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorders
  • Evaluating cysts in the jaw bone

How Are Digital Panorex Radiographs Taken?

The Panorex machine is a large piece of equipment with a rotating arm consisting of an X-ray generator and a moving sensor that captures the overall image of your teeth. The head is placed between these two elements and the position of the head and the body is adjusted for maximum sharpness.  

What Are the Benefits of Digital Panorex Radiographs?

Some of the advantages of Panorex radiographs over conventional dental X-rays are:

  • Panorex X-rays are faster, more comfortable, and painless 
  • They are a convenient option for children as it’s a non-invasive process
  • Panorex radiographs are extremely useful for patients with severe gag reflex
  • There is no risk of radiation affecting your body after the X-ray is taken
  • Panorex X-rays are risk-free and have no side effects

If you have questions about digital Panorex radiographs, contact Dr. Louie at Louie Family Dentistry by visiting us at 41268 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538 or calling us at (510) 656-7778. You can also book your appointment online. 

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