What Purpose Does Laser Dentistry Serve for Your Smile?

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The dental field has been using dental lasers for more than 20 years as an effective dental treatment that delivers precise results on treatments that used to not be an option. We are happy to provide a review of some of the benefits of dental lasers to help you determine if they can enhance your smile:

– Laser dentistry can help perform a cancer biopsy by enabling our dentists to extract a tiny piece of oral tissue to be examined.

– Prior to performing a root canal procedure, we can also use a dental laser to remove debris from the tooth and ensure it is fully clean. If gum tissue is preventing a dental crown from being placed, lasers can reshape the gum line.

– If you need to undergo canker sore treatment, you can avoid the use of needles by having dental lasers remove the sore.

– The process of placing a dental filling can involve laser dentistry to remove portions of tooth decay and prepare the tooth to receive a filling.

– The specialized gels placed on your smile as part of professional teeth whitening can be activated by a dental laser.

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