Brighten Your Smile!

Teeth whitening in Fremont, California, is a quick and effective way for you to improve your smile. When you visit Christopher L. Louie, DDS, Inc., we will work with you to determine how much you want to brighten your smile and which type of whitening will best meet your goals. Call us at 510-656-7778 to learn more about teeth whitening and schedule your appointment with our dentists.

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or looking to brighten your smile simply for your own enjoyment, our dentists can help! It is natural for your teeth to become dull or discolored over time as a part of the aging process, as a result of poor dental hygiene or frequent consumption of foods and drinks that stain your teeth, or even as a symptom of certain illnesses and medications.

While plenty of teeth whitening products are available online, our professional teeth whitening treatments are faster, safer and more effective than many alternatives. Available both in office or as part of a take-home teeth whitening kit, our treatments use a powerful whitening gel, applied directly to the surface of your teeth to lift off stains, yellowing and discoloration on the tooth enamel and enhancing the appearance of your smile.

When this treatment is performed at our office, it can usually be completed in under an hour, providing noticeable results in a single visit. Our take-home option offers the convenience of home care using custom teeth whiting trays designed to fit your smile. Our dentists will talk with you about which options best suits your needs and provide you with instructions on how to use the whitening gel and trays should you choose the at-home whitening option.

Give us a call today if you have any questions about our teeth whitening treatment or to make an appointment.