Better Smiles Begin with Halitosis Treatments & Prevention

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Bad breath can be embarrassing, but it can also indicate health problems. Although bad breath is often caused by the foods and drinks you consume, it can also be the result of poor oral hygiene. To keep your smile safe, always make sure to brush and floss your teeth daily to get rid of any bacteria that may be causing bad breath. Bacteria on your tongue is also known for causing bad breath. Thus, always clean your tongue as well. You can do this by using a brush or tongue scraper. Be sure to reach the back areas of your tongue as well.

Saliva flow is essential for eliminating bad breath and other problems that may arise. Saliva can rinse away debris and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth. For additional help, try using mouthwash to help kill bacteria. Ideally, you should focus on using therapeutic mouthwash products. For additional help treating and preventing bad breath, visit your dentist regularly.

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